Steps To Designing Web-based Lessons
»Choosing Content
»Defining Language Objectives
»Incorporating Computer Skills

The Lesson
»Stating Objectives and Lesson Overview
»Lesson Plan
»Creating a Class Site
»Class Site

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Web-based CALL

What? Why? How?

What is CALL? 

CALL is Computer Aided Language Learning. 
It's using the computer as a tool to teach people a new language. 

What is Web-based CALL? 

It's using Internet content to teach computer skills and meet language learning objectives. 


Because there is a wealth of interesting, authentic content on the Internet to use in language teaching. 

Because students need computer skills to succeed academically and in the job market. 

Because it's fun and effective and you kill two birds with one stone, computer skills and language learning. 

How can I create a Web-based CALL lesson? 

The next portion of this module will take you through the steps of designing a Web-based  lesson while simultaneously planning an actual lesson to help illustrate the process.

Step 1 to designing a Web-based lesson is finding the content.